Tito is a senior Chihuahua who has lost the use of his back legs. He relies on the assistance of his best buddy, a pit bull named Frank, to help him get around.

Frank carries Tito in a special bag that attaches to his harness, ensuring that his pal gets to enjoy the outdoors, even if he’s no longer able to walk on his own.

Their friendship isn’t limited to the walks they take together, however. Frank is very protective of Tito and remains close to him at all times, and for good reason. At the age of 15, Tito ended up in a shelter, suffering from a host of medical problems, including a collapsed trachea, which made breathing difficult.

When Frank’s mom, Kristina, learned about Tito, she volunteered to provide him with a hospice home. Under the care of “Nurse Frank,” Tito’s quality of life has vastly improved.

Tito has helped Frank, as well. After being rescued from a junkyard, Frank suffers from anxiety. His confident counterpart, Tito, has a calming and therapeutic effect on him.