Meet Karma, an adorable pit bull who was rescued from a cruel dogfighting ring and has found a new life as a loving sister. Karma was discovered in a room full of dogs during a police raid for guns and drugs.

While Karma healed from her injuries, she was fostered by a woman who was recovering from a bad car accident. Karma warmed right up to the Gonzalez family, including two little boys that she loves to snuggle with at night. She experienced many firsts while in their care, including going into the snow for the first time and, more importantly, being loved and nurtured as she never was before.

The Gonzalez family couldn’t imagine life without Karma, and have officially adopted her! In addition to having two human brothers, Karma now also has a new baby sister. Affectionate dogs like Karma help make families complete, and defy the negative stereotype of pit bulls on a daily basis.