VIDEO: Puppy Abandoned Because He Couldn’t Walk Now Has the Best Life

Bueller the puppy was dropped off at an SPCA in Sacramento by a breeder because of a congenital defect made him unable to walk. Despite the inevitable challenges Bueller faced, his compassionate caretakers had hope for his future and decided against euthanasia.

Gaining the strength to walk required lots of time and dedication. Water therapy was especially helpful because it allowed the pup to move his legs in a natural motion without having to support his weight. Bueller’s first major milestone came when he was able to stand without assistance. Eventually, a tearful team of staff members looked on as Bueller walked on his own for the first time.

When the time came for Bueller to be adopted, he caught the attention of a couple whose dog had recently passed away. The couple was on the fence about adopting another dog, but couldn’t bear the deafening silence in their home after the loss of their beloved canine companion. When they learned about Bueller, they immediately knew they wanted be part of his journey.

Bueller still had trouble walking when he was adopted, but made major progress during his first few months at his forever home. Going to the beach, swimming, and playing with his ball helped him strengthen his legs. He’s been with his owners for two years now. Bueller has lots of energy, loves going places, and acts as a ‘big brother’ for the couple’s other dog, Kobe, who is deaf.

Despite his progress, Bueller needed surgery on one of his legs. The procedure was successful and he remains on the path toward a long, happy life!

Bueller’s will to live has inspired the team at the SPCA to continue trying to save animals they would’ve previously given up on. Thank you to the heroes who give animals like Bueller a second chance at life and the opportunity to thrive!

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  1. Kylie T

    Thank you to all who helped him and hoping this pup has the most beautiful days ahead.

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  2. cindi scholefield

    Sending special love to Bueller from my baby Chela, who was in a similar position, about to be put down as ‘unadoptable’ because her legs were fused together due to birth defects. I had just fallen and broken my hip so the two of us learned to walk again together, and at 6 lbs she is my best bodyguard. Anyone who comes to my house has to watch their toes and their heels 🙂

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  3. stef pulitzer

    THANK YOU for adopting Bueller and giving him a beautiful life- of which he should not be deprived, due to a stupid, selfish, unscrupulous breeder. XO

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  4. Charles Daniel

    Love watching these type of videos I watch all day!

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  5. champion

    Beaucoup de bonheur à ce petit coeur et à sa nouvelle et merveilleuse famille !

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  6. Patricia Hamilton

    I’m glad bueller got a loving home and thank you to all who worked to make this pup well again its nice to hear good news I hope there can be more stories as this one God bless all of you who made it possible for bueller

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  7. Charlotte Platt

    This is such a heart warming story🐾🐾❤️❤️

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  8. Doreen Rasanen


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  9. Anya

    Glad Bueller has the best life now ! Love you Bueller !

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  10. JoAn McGregor

    Thank you for helping special needs dogs like Bueller. If at all possible they all deserve a good life.

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  11. Jaime Perez

    What an amazing road Bueller went down. He’s strong, fabulous and beautiful! He is in such a loving home with wonderful parents. I’m so happy for him.

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  12. Elizabeth Pease

    Ashley and Alex should make a calendar of Bueller and Kobe photos and sell it with the money going to the place where they first met Bueller.

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  13. Margaret

    Buella, you and your carers are stars…….well done

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  14. g gardner

    absolutely beautiful. you made my day. thanks to everyone who saved Bueller, and the folks who adopted him. what a beautiful story.

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  15. quinten putnam

    What a great story what great people for seeing to it that Bueller has a wonderful life which thanks to everyone involved he now does. Thank you for this!!!!

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  16. Karl Hamann

    Way to go Bueller, and kudos to the folks who decided to give him a chance!

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  17. Kimberly A Hagerty


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  18. wendel

    don’t want any more people, just give me all the Buellers…I’ll die a happy man

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  19. wendel

    Bueller…Bueller…Bueller…you gotta love it

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  20. Dr. ELizabeth Pepe

    What does a breeder surrendering an animal to a shelter have to do with experimenting on animals? I agree that experimentation on animals has not opened up any new breakthroughs for diseases, etc, but this was a story of a breeder who didn’t just abandon the puppy, but placed the puppy where the puppy might get a 2nd chance.

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  21. Marilyn

    I don’t know why we’re still experimenting on the deffensless animals it’s useless. I rather not have a rememdy to use and get better; if the animals need to suffer while in experimenting on them. I think the humans with the illness need to step forward, and volunteer to better the next generation. The poor animals are not made up of what you and I are!

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  22. Chick

    Hats off to the breeder for bringing the dog, where it could get the care it needed, and not just put the dog down.

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  23. tambrosia

    Buelle you get well and get strong.
    To the pos sub human who dumped you may the Good Lord visit you and help you see the error of your ways.
    To all who help HIS animal friends, great and small you will be rewarded. Maybe not in this lifetime but in Paradise
    Having had pups and adults and senior dogs who need physical therapy etc, it is not easy, but as the dog/cat makes even a small improvement your heart swells and yes a lot of tears.
    God Bless

    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~Gandhi (1869-1948)

    “I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man” ~M. Gandhi (1869-1948)

    “The measure of a society can be how well its people treat its animals.” ~Mohandas Gandhi. Gandhi a true man of peace then and now and a saint in any religion!

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    • Chick

      The article did not say anything about dumping. It said the puppy was brought to the SPCA by the breeder. Hats off to this individual that brought the dog where it could get the care it needed, and did not just put the dog down.

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  24. cindi scholefield

    Bueller you were so lucky to get the best care at the SPCA and the best parents. I wish you all many years of happiness.

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  25. Leanne

    I am so glad that the SPCA didn’t give up on this little guy. He has such spirit. Thank God he has gone to a loving furever home with owners that can afford to continue on with his therapy. 🐶🐕🐩🐾

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  26. Janice

    I am so happy that they both had happy endings! Thank God for people like that!!

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  27. Sherrie Risen

    This is amazing! So glad you didn’t give up on Bueller, he is adorable!! Goes to show, can’t judge a book by its cover!!

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