VIDEO: Dog Paralyzed after Car Accident is Finally Able to Walk Again

When Animal Aid India found this poor dog, he had just been hit by a car and did not seem to understand why his hind legs didn’t work anymore.

As the confused dog attempted to drag himself along with his front legs, rescuers gently scooped him up and brought him to the animal hospital. Vets discovered serious nerve damage that rendered his legs paralyzed — a condition that is often permanent.

Bur after intensive treatment, he became a whole new dog — and one day, was able to use his hind legs once more.

Today, the dog — now named Georgia — can run and play with the other dogs, and is enjoying himself to the fullest.

Thank you, rescuers, for giving this injured dog a second chance.



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  1. Sandra

    Finally. Good email about an animal. Thank you rescuers!!!!!!! Warms my heart and it’s so great to read a nice story for a change. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  2. leanne

    What an inspiring story of one dogs triumph over adversity. Thank you to those rescue workers who found him and took him to an animal rescue center. May this dog live a long, happy and carefree life in its forever home wherever that may be.

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  3. Leanne

    Shame on the driver that didn’t stop to render assistance and left that poor dog to its fate.

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    • juliette

      What a bastard- no good will come to him/her!!!!

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  4. Juliette

    Thank you so very much for helping Georgie (and all the others) he’s such a sweet baby!!

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  5. Pat

    Finally a happy ending thank you to the people who rescued tjis poor dog in need it’s good to see him run around and hopeful to get a new home were there he will find the love this dog needs this made me cry to k ow there are people still out there that care

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  6. Judy Germain

    You are truly angels to help this dog in desperate need! Only good things will come your way for saving
    this precious dog who will be forever grateful to you! Thank you for all you do to help these street dogs
    they are so deserving!

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  7. Sassy

    Heartwarming. What a lovely happy ending.

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  8. MS

    Thank you for rescuing this sweetie Georgie and NOT giving up on him — you’re the best — thank you.

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