Police in the Zehlendorf district of Berlin, Germany recently stopped traffic to let a herd of over 20 wild boar and piglets safely cross a street. The video clip above captured this adorable event, which shows piglets rushing across the road followed by their parents. Further down the street, a police car blocks both lanes, as a mask-clad officer keeps an eye on the animals.

The Berlin police department shared the clip on Twitter, adding “sometimes the wilderness is right on our doorstep.”

About 3,000 boar live in Berlin, which has earned the city the nickname “the wild boar capital.” Residents and police have learned to co-exist peacefully with the wandering pigs, helping them when necessary. The animals are amazingly accustomed to their environment, living in a densely populated city, and are often seen navigating the roads using designated crosswalks.

“I never cease to be astonished,” Berlin’s wildlife commissioner Derk Ehlert told the Daily Mail, “by how wild boar and their young deliberately choose pedestrian crossings to cross roads.”