When Turkish police officer Burak Okten learned of a dog trapped on a frozen lake, he sprang into action, racing against the clock to save his life.

Okten changed into a wetsuit and swam toward the pup, who was located 150 meters from the shore. To reach the stranded canine, the officer was required to use his hands to smash through ice and slush.

As a gathering of onlookers watched, Okten swam back to the shore with the dog in his arms. The pup was suffering from hypothermia and needed immediate medical attention.

Once Okten reached the shore, an awaiting medical team immediately wrapped the dog in blankets and administered CPR. The animal was then transported to a local veterinary clinic for more care.

Thanks to Okten’s quick thinking and selfless act, the pup miraculously survived and is expected to make a full recovery!