After being severely abused and used as a “bait dog” in a dogfighting ring, one lucky pit bull named Elijah is putting his horrific past behind him and joining his new, loving forever family in Delray Beach, Fla.

A few weeks ago, members of a local animal rescue organization, 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida, stepped in to save Elijah’s life when they found him in dire need of medical care, rushing him to the Bluepearl Pet Hospital for emergency surgery.

“He was critically ill and in severe shock,” Dr. Amy Trow of the Bluepearl Pet Hospital told CBS Miamihe. “[He] was very close to passing away.”

Vets cleaned and treated Elijah’s maggot-infested wounds, removed one of his severely injured ears, and administered IV fluids and antibiotics. He made a miraculous recovery, and several weeks after receiving multiple life-saving procedures and surgeries, the pup was ready for adoption.

As Elijah settles into his new home, he can finally live a safe and comfortable life.