Meet Tater, a pit bull who was tied to a pole and abandoned on New Year’s Eve 2017, when he was just a puppy.

Someone found the sick puppy and sought help for him. Thanks to Mr. Bones & Co., a Brooklyn non-profit dedicated to animal welfare, the Animal Medical Center of New York City, and donations from animal lovers, Tater got the surgery he desperately needed.

Two weeks later, Tater was placed in his first foster home, and the future began to look a lot brighter. He got all the baths and sleep he wanted and needed, and was able to just be a puppy.

But Tater got sick again and was rushed back to surgery.

To everyone’s relief, Tater not only made it through the surgery, he’s thrived since then! He’s even been placed into the forever home of a loving dad, who showers him with the attention and love he deserves and takes him on lots of adventures.

Stories like Tater’s remind us that no animal is worth giving up on, and that a rough start to life can lead to a happy and fulfilling future!