A puppy who received life-saving treatment for a rare congenital defect known as “upside-down paws” appears to be making tremendous strides in his recovery.

Lady Freethinker reported on Milo’s journey in January, shortly after the pup had undergone surgery to correct his paws. At the time, he was in a body splint to prevent him from using his front legs while he healed.

Now, as you can see from this video of Milo learning to swim, he’s using his legs like a champ! He’s also learning to stand and walk on his own.

Although Milo has a long road of recovery ahead of him, the prognosis is good, and his improvement is expected to continue.

For now, Milo will continue to undergo therapy at Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary in Luther, Oklahoma, where he’s surrounded by other disabled animals, including deaf pigs and a blind cow.