Over a dozen pelicans who were rescued during Hurricane Dorian have been successfully rehabilitated and returned to the wild.

In September, we shared a dramatic video of PETA’s emergency response team retrieving stranded pelicans from a busy bridge as the storm approached. They rescued five disoriented birds who were unable to fly and took them to Tidewater Rehabilitation and Environmental Education (TREE). Four of the birds received care for cuts and abrasions and one was treated for exposed wing tendons.

For the next month, the pelicans recovered alongside 12 others. After receiving a clean bill of health, they were all released together. Watch this inspirational video to see the birds taking flight, with one returning to ensure everyone left the ground.

“The breathtaking sight of once wind-battered birds soaring high together above the bay is a reminder of how rewarding rescuing animals can be,” PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien said.

This heartwarming success story reminds us that animals are vulnerable to natural disasters, just like us.