As Hurricane Dorian crept up the East Coast on Friday, PETA underwent a pelican rescue mission in Virginia Beach, Virginia, near their Norfolk headquarters.

A good Samaritan called the organization after spotting a pelican who was distressed and unable to fly on a busy bridge. PETA’s emergency response team immediately reported to the scene, where they discovered five stranded and weather-beaten pelicans who were struggling to fly.

The brave workers jeopardized their own safety while gathering the birds amidst traffic and in worsening weather.

The pelicans were taken to a local wildlife rehabilitator. One was treated for exposed wing tendons, while the rest received care for abrasions and cuts. They’ll be released back into the wild after they recover.

PETA released footage of the rescue, showing the diligent efforts of its emergency response team to relocate the birds to safety. Watch this video for a glimpse of the dramatic event.