Cat foster mom Ellen Carozza is a self-proclaimed “sucker for the super-complicated cases.” When she received a call about taking a tiny three-week-old rescue kitten who wasn’t gaining any weight, her response was an automatic “yes.”

Instead of being deterred by Francis’s alarmingly small proportions, Ellen was determined to help him flourish.

The first week at home was arduous – Ellen got out of bed nearly every hour to check on Francis and ensure that he was still alive.

But Francis saw himself as no different than the other household cats and was determined to eat, play, and live like them. With some encouragement from Ellen, he’s even learned to climb stairs on his own!

While at Ellen’s, Francis also began growing. He’s still small for his age, and he might be for the rest of his life, but he’s happy and healthy, and that’s all that matters. Recently, Francis found his forever home.

Watch this video to enjoy heartwarming footage of some of Francis’s milestones, including his Adoption Day ceremony!