When cat foster mom Rachel Graham first saw Thumbelina, she was taken aback by how tiny and fragile the kitten was.

But Rachel knew instantly that Thumbelina was special. She wasn’t sure if the kitten would survive, but wanted to give her that chance.

Rachel decided to foster Thumbelina and her siblings. At three months old, Thumbelina was still the size of a newborn, although her siblings grew. The sweet girl had trouble walking and Rachel continued to worry that she wouldn’t make it. Still, Rachel gave Thumbelina lots of food, love, and encouragement.

Soon, Thumbelina had begun to grow and could walk and eat on her own. She learns more slowly than most cats, but she’s determined to figure things out.

Thumbelina is now ready for a forever home. Saying “goodbye” will be a bittersweet moment for Rachel, who will miss her but is so proud of how far she has come!