VIDEO: Meet the Rescue Tiger Who Really, Really Loves to Paint


Doc, a 550 lb tiger, is getting in touch with his artistic side at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, GA.

Noah’s Ark, a non-profit organization, shelters over 1,500 previously neglected, abused, and unwanted animals. In addition to providing the rescued animals with food, shelter and love, the sanctuary also offers enrichment activities designed to help mental health – including access to non-toxic children’s paint.

Painting benefits animals both physically and psychologically. In this video, Doc, who is known for his playful personality, can be seen perfecting his latest masterpiece by rubbing his face and head against the canvas! Other artists live in the sanctuary as well, including a baboon, a brown lemur, and even wolf-dog hybrids.

Once a scared cub paraded for tourists’ amusement and photo opportunities, Doc now lives a safe and healthy life – one that is picture perfect.

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  1. Eulalie Grace

    Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary is a wonderful place that really does act like Noah’s Ark.
    There are more tigers in sanctuaries and ark zoos than in the wild 🙁 I wish there were safe places to free them, but poachers and habitat loss wins out almost every time 🙁 So sad.
    People need to educate themselves on how to make changes for wild animals to thrive. WE can make things better for all animals <3

    Love the paintings this gorgeous boy produces. He looks very happy.
    Catnip paint, maybe? 🙂

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  2. Ian Ruhl

    Nice to have a story with a happy ending in world filled with so much evil and tragedy.

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  3. Sue

    While it appears to be a different phenomenon, I bought a book (that I first saw in my holistic veterinarian’s office) titled, “Why Cats Paint,” over 20 years ago. It is a delightful book, with lots of pictures of house cats and their works of art. Also pictures of them in action, making their paintings. One of my friends went to an animal fair during that time period, and there was a cat painting pictures for the crowd!

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  4. Harry Mozen

    What a wonderful idea, the whole thing.

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  5. Leanne

    He looks like he is really enjoying himself. May he continue to enjoy his days at Noah’s Ark.

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  6. gabriele Becker

    sure he wants to go home to India and freedom ….

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    • mari smet (@greentimes999)

      He may NOT be fit and experienced for the wild and perish — due to his history — he’s better off in a Sanctuary — it’s as close to his natural habitat as he can get — he seems content.

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      • Eulalie Grace

        Mari – not only the reasons you pointed out, but tigers are targeted by poachers.
        Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary may truly be just that – a way to preserve endangered species.

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