In a true-life story that could be straight out of a movie, a Pennsylvanian woman adopted an elderly dog only to find out  she was the same beloved canine who had been her best friend as a child eight years ago.

dog reunited with childhood friend

Nicole Grimes was gifted with a pet puppy named Chloe by her Grandma when she was 10 years old. For four years Chloe and Nicole were best mates, until the family were forced to give Chloe away. Grimes’ father started a customer service job working from home, and the small dog barked often, affecting her father’s work. After multiple attempts to rehome Chloe failed, they finally gave her to an animal shelter.

In the ensuing years, Grimes fondly remembered her childhood friend, recalling the cute pup on the dog’s birthday, October 26, and wondering how Chloe was faring.

Now at 21 years of age, with a husband and daughter, Grimes began to think about adopting a dog of her own again, particularly to be a friend to her one-year-old daughter.

Then a few weeks ago, a friend on Facebook posted some photos of a sweet old terrier that needed a home; a dog that bore a strong resemblance to Chloe.

“It just reminded me of my old dog. So I decided to take her in,” Grimes said.

On meeting the dog, Grimes discovered that not only did she have the same name as her childhood buddy, but was the same age. The “new” Chloe was affectionate and energetic, just like the “old” Chloe.

“The only difference,” said Grimes, “is that [the new] Chloe is smaller and doesn’t have teeth.”

dog reunited with childhood friend

Convinced this was the same animal she used to know, Grimes took her to the vet for a microchip scan, which revealed that it was indeed the same Chloe who had amazingly found her way back to her original guardian.

The years of wondering about Chloe –  how her life had been, if she was well cared for – were over for Grimes. She discovered that her four-legged friend had spent a happy seven years living with an elderly couple before they died.

“She had truly a great life,” said Grimes, “A very loved dog.”

Over the moon to be reunited with her long lost family member, Grimes is enjoying watching Chloe become fast friends with her daughter, and has no problems with the fact that Chloe still likes to bark now and then!

“I felt like I won the lottery,” Grimes said. “I never thought I’d see her again.”

Dog reunited with best friend