Brad White, a Pittsburgh man who suffered a traumatic brain injury following a cycling accident last July, recently reunited with his beloved dog, Sage, after spending two months in intensive rehabilitation.

His wife, Alyssa, posted the heartwarming reunion footage on Instagram, capturing the pair’s first moments back together when White returned home. Sage instantly recognized and excitedly — but gently — approached her wheelchair-bound guardian, who looked equally happy to see his furry friend.

White, a cycling enthusiast, crashed his bike in the early morning hours on July 7, which resulted in brain bleeding and a prolonged coma. White is now slowly re-learning how to perform basic everyday functions, including walking and talking, and faces a long road to recovery.

During Brad’s time away, Sage comforted Alyssa and helped her remain strong. Now, Alyssa is counting on the sweet dog to provide the same support to her husband.

“Sage held me when I was sad,” she said, “and I so pray that she’s the balm your healing heart needs right now.”

Touching moments like this remind us of the powerful bonds between humans and dogs, and Lady Freethinker wishes Brad the best of luck during his recovery.