A sweet video on TikTok captured the joyful moment when two cow friends reunited at Catskill Animal Sanctuary (CAS) in New York.

Cecil, a brown and white male longhorn, and Hazel, a black and white female longhorn, were separated so that staff could give them vaccines and move them to a new field.

They weren’t separated long. But the two cows, described as “besties,” were clearly missing each other, the sanctuary wrote in the video.

The video shows a curious Hazel quickly stepping off a transport trailer and then plodding into a pasture. The video also captures Cecil as he jaunts joyfully after her.

“Cows experience love and friendship the same way we all do,” the video says, as the cows join up happily. 


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The pair came to CAS with sad stories. Cecil had been rescued by a different organization from an auction after he outserved his use at a roadside attraction, where he was used for photographs with young children perched on his back. Hazel also had been rescued by that organization from an auction where people reportedly bid thousands of dollars so she could be killed and her horns hacked off and mounted as “decoration.”

Sadly, the organization then “profoundly neglected” the cows, along with hundreds of other animals, according to CAS. A neighboring rescue stepped in and re-routed Cecil and Hazel to CAS, which promised to give the cows a loving home for the rest of their lives.

“We’ve made a promise to Cecil and Hazel that from now on, they will only ever know a life of love, with the best care we can possibly provide,” CAS said in a post announcing their arrival to the sanctuary. 

CAS describes Cecil as outgoing, curious, eager to play, affectionate, and jovial. 

Hazel, upon her arrival, was doting toward Cecil but understandably wary of humans.  CAS wrote that they were sure she would learn to trust again with time.

Lady Freethinker applauds CAS for their compassionate action toward these two lovely cows. We were so heart-warmed by the touching story of their reunion. This story is an excellent example that animals are sentient beings, capable of feeling a wide range of emotions including love, and worthy of living their lives in peace and free from harm!