Meet June the raccoon, the adopted little sister of protective pup Waffles — who’s never more than an arm’s reach away!

Like any younger sibling, June is the troublemaker of the family. She gets away with things Waffles would get scolded for, such as climbing into the sink. The playful and curious raccoon is always exploring her surroundings and opening drawers to see what’s inside of them.

Waffles is a typical dog who loves attention, but she’s also a responsible big sister and understands that June is just a baby.

How did this unlikely team come to be? At just two days old, June fell out of an oak tree and was abandoned by her mom. She was taken in and rehabilitated, and her rescuers felt she needed a companion. That’s when Waffles entered the picture.

Upon being introduced, they instantly became buddies. Even though June likes to stir up trouble and there’s an occasional wrestling match, the two have each others’ back at the end of the day.

Waffles and June are proof that the relationship between animal siblings can bear an uncanny resemblance to that of humans!