@lizzoVegan spicy Mcchicken idgaf that shit was hittin hoooooo♬ Vibe (aesthetic) – evintage

In a recent Tik Tok video, which now has over 1 million views, famed singer-songwriter Lizzo reminds us that going vegan doesn’t mean sacrificing all of our guilty pleasures. If a Spicy McChicken sandwich can be plant-based, anything can!

In the video, Lizzo adds flavor to vegan chicken tenders using garlic powder and Frank’s Red Hot seasoning, crafting her culinary masterpiece between two toasted buns with fresh lettuce and vegan mayonnaise, and serving the sandwich with a side of sweet potato waffle fries.

After fully committing to a plant-based diet earlier this year, the 32-year-old musician began sharing Tik Tok videos of her scrumptious-looking snacks and meals.

“Every journey is personal and deserves to be celebrated,” she captioned one video.

Lizzo credits the Minneapolis, Minn. vegan scene for her interest in a plant-based lifestyle, which she has been exploring for several years.

“I found places that were really creative with how they made vegan food,” she told The Beet, “and it wasn’t just fluff, just tofu, just seitan.”

Her imitation chicken sandwich is just one of the many innovative meal ideas she has posted of recent, including colorful and appetizing smoothies, salads, hummus, and a truffle-chickpea-mushroom ball. Lizzo reminds us that there no limits when it comes to recreating our favorite foods in a plant-based way.