Thanks to the quick thinking of two employees of news channel ABC 6/FOX 28, stationed in Columbus, a lucky little kitten is in safe hands.

Journalist Donny Sobnosky spotted the kitten in the road as his colleague, engineer Steve Robison, approached his SUV to leave for work. Sobnosky flagged Robison down to prevent the kitten from being hit.

The kitten nervously dashed toward Robison’s vehicle and got caught in the wheel. After gently coaxing the kitten and maneuvering its fragile body with utmost care, the patient men safely freed the critter. Within ten minutes’ time, the kitten was removed from the vehicle’s wheel.

The kitten, who was suffering from heat exhaustion and burned paws, is now in the care of the Columbus Humane Society. Let’s give a huge shoutout to everyday heroes like Sobnosky and Robison, who spared an innocent kitten’s life by sacrificing just a few minutes of their day.