Frannie the dog spent the first four years of her life confined to a lab, where she was used for cruel experiments. The plan was to euthanize her when she could no longer endure the testing, but she was rescued instead.

Frannie’s body bears evidence of the torture she endured. One of her paws was visibly aggravated from being repeatedly stuck with needles. She also has scars. Her ear is tattooed with a number – a sad reminder of how Frannie was seen as disposable and not even worthy of a name.

Frannie was adopted by a patient family that worked hard to gain the traumatized pup’s trust. Slowly, and for the first time ever, she learned what it feels like to be loved.

A year after Frannie was adopted, she was joined by another dog from the same lab, named Gertie.

Adopting the two Beagles influenced their owners to be mindful about purchasing products that do not test on animals.

Beagles are known for their inherently gentle demeanor – a trait that once made Frannie and Gertie targets for cruel experiments, but is now the very reason they’re loved and cherished.