Teera Potisat and his girlfriend, Kessarapawn Inpang, were recently faced with a split-second decision as they drove home together along a busy Bangkok highway. The couple noticed a kitten running in the congested traffic and knew they had to act.

After pulling onto to the side of the highway, the couple bravely made their way through the traffic to a car the kitten was hiding underneath. Other motorists joined in an effort to coax the kitten out.

Once Potisat had the kitten in his hands, he rushed back to his car, gently comforting her.

The kitten immediately curled up in Inpang’s lap, and the rest was history. The couple simply couldn’t imagine their lives without the precious feline and made her the newest member of their family.

Inpang had never adopted a kitten before, although she had 10 Persian cats at home. She named the kitten “Taang-duan,” which means “highway” in Thai.

Stories like this remind us that a moment of quick thinking can save an animal’s life, and that it’s never too late to start adopting.