Ever since Mike Cardenaz of Grovetown, Georgia, nursed an injured hummingbird back to health four years ago, the bird has returned each year to say “hello” to his rescuer.

Cardenaz’s flowers attract birds to his porch, and this is where he discovered the poor hummingbird in need of help.

“Several of his feathers in his wings were broken off, and he couldn’t take flight,” Cardenaz said in a news interview.

He provided the bird, whom he named Buzz, with a safe place to recover, and fed him an electrolyte solution and sugar.

Over the eight weeks Buzz spent at Cardenaz’s home, he became part of the family. Once the hummingbird had molted and grown new wings, he was ready to take off again.

Hummingbirds migrate to South America every year, but Buzz hasn’t forgotten about Cardenaz’s kind deed. When it’s time to return north, the bird heads to his former caretaker’s backyard and greets him by landing on his hand.

Watch this video to witness their unique bond firsthand!