VIDEO – ‘Frowny’ Street Cat Finally Smiles, Thanks to Rescuers

Meet Barney, a 6-year-old alley cat who was rescued on the streets of Montreal after surviving a harsh winter. In pretty bad shape, this kitty was taken straight to Chatons Orphelins Montreal for some much-needed medical care.

As well as coping withย parasites, ear mites and an eye infection, one of Barney’sย ears was frozen and is now permanently folded. He also tested positive for FIV. Barney’s numerous battle scars and several missing teeth were evidence of his difficult life as a stray.

Despite his rough condition, Barney was friendly and cooperative during treatment, greeting staff and volunteers with meows when he saw them. He’s almost finished a course of antibiotics and is healing wonderfully! When his health is fully restored, he’ll be neutered. Hopefully he’ll soon find a forever family, and never be left out in the cold again!

Thank you to Barney’s compassionate rescuers for getting this cheerful survivor on the path toward a much-deserved happy and healthy life.

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  1. sam

    poor baby… here is a big hug from me and each one of my cats. so 16 hugs!

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  2. B. Maurene White

    Poor B! Lucky he survived. I live in Montreal, but not in a situation where I can own a c at, especially with 6 canaries! Will mention his plight to friends tho!

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  3. Janice

    I am so happy that he is getting better! Hopefully he will find his forever home!! โค๏ธ

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  4. Sharon Drummond

    Thanks to all the people who have been so kind and caring for this precious baby. May he/she have a safe and loved future in a forever home.

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  5. Tisa

    Thank you every one who helped save his little sweet life. I love his cute face. I am so happy he is safe now.
    Thank you all so much.

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  6. Leanne

    Thank u to those who rescued Barney. I hope he finds a loving forever home.

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  7. Bev

    THANK YOU FOR RESCUING BARNEY! We also shelter strays and outdoor cats and keep them fed over the winter. It’s cruel and cold out there for an animal without shelter or food. Animals always know when they are being rescued and never forget their rescuers. So glad for Barney and hope he finds a loving warm home.

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  8. Amandajane Hellier

    Oh such a luverley story!
    Barneys ear may be folded but I defy anyone to have a folded heart when they watch this footage of Barneys road to a good recovery.
    Oh Barney you are so adorable and I wish you the best in life after all the horrible things you have endured. I love your photos with those expressive eyes and sweet smile…I for one will never forget you and will always think of you just because you are one special top cat.

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  9. Tom

    Thank you so much for rescuing Barney.
    You are my heroes .๐Ÿ˜บ

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  10. Jessica Martin

    Bless the little poppet. I really hope he gets a home

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  11. Anya

    Hope you find a forever family, Barney. Glad you are safe and were taken care of by these nice people. Love you Barney.

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  12. Carol Crunkhorn

    What a hard life this poor cat had, but I hope he soon finds a special loving home… FIV needn’t be an issue when a cat is well loved and well cared for. Wishing Barney all the very best for his future.

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  13. cindi scholefield

    Oh Barney, your lovely new smile could lighten up a room. Now you can have a happy life, thanks to the wonderful people who took you in and healed you.

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  14. Barbara Rowe. Please wake up before it's to late!!!

    Thank God the little darling was taken care of !!!

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  15. Mark Mireaux

    Such a good baby! LOT’S of prayers and good wishes that he’s okay and finds a killer, forever home!

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  16. Lynn

    What a wonderful ending, hope he finds a really good loving furever home. Now they need to find all the other poor cats & kitten’s, just waiting for help & cuddles.๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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  17. April M

    Prayers for you Barney that you recover fully and find you furever home and loving family and warm home. Thank you to Barney’s rescuers and Chatons Orphelins Montreal for the treatment(s) that Barney desperately needed! He’s such a sweet kitty despite his rough life. God brought him to it and God brought him through it!

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  18. Kylie T

    Thank you to all those who helped Barney and may he find much happiness & a forever home!

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