Meet Barney, a 6-year-old alley cat who was rescued on the streets of Montreal after surviving a harsh winter. In pretty bad shape, this kitty was taken straight to Chatons Orphelins Montreal for some much-needed medical care.

As well as coping with parasites, ear mites and an eye infection, one of Barney’s ears was frozen and is now permanently folded. He also tested positive for FIV. Barney’s numerous battle scars and several missing teeth were evidence of his difficult life as a stray.

Despite his rough condition, Barney was friendly and cooperative during treatment, greeting staff and volunteers with meows when he saw them. He’s almost finished a course of antibiotics and is healing wonderfully! When his health is fully restored, he’ll be neutered. Hopefully he’ll soon find a forever family, and never be left out in the cold again!

Thank you to Barney’s compassionate rescuers for getting this cheerful survivor on the path toward a much-deserved happy and healthy life.