VIDEO: Bird Frozen to A Fence Saved by Kind Rescuer

When he stopped to rest on a length of metal piping, this sparrow’s feet froze solid. Weighing in at just one ounce, he doesn’t have enough strength to get his feet unstuck from the frost so he can fly away.

Luckily, the video-maker knew a trick to help his feathered friend out of this sticky situation. First, the kind rescuer places his hand around the nervous bird to stop him from hurting himself. You can see how the warm touch calms down the bird. Once the sparrow has stopped panicking, and his legs have had a moment to warm up again, the man melts the ice away from his feet by breathing on them – you can actually see the frost disappearing. Finally, he helps the bird free itself from the last bits of ice keeping it stuck to the pole and wishes him well as he flies away.

Can you identify the bird in the video? He might be a song sparrow: winter residents across much of the US, “their bright carols are often heard on cold, clear mornings in late winter.”

Thanks to this everyday hero who spotted a critter in distress and lent a helping hand, this little songbird will make it through until spring!

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  1. Bev

    That video made my day! Thanks to the gentleman that knew what to do for this stranded bird and helped! Now I also know how I can save any birds that encounter the same situation.

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  2. Gianna Macias

    This is heart warming. A little hope for humanity, such a tiny, magnificent life, and for a change, a kind soul. Be assured when this man dies, this little bird will be waiting for him to help him across the RainBow Bridge.

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  3. Phyllis Dupret

    What a treat to read or hear about good actions taken by any person right now…

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  4. B. Maurene White

    I am so happy to hear of this sweet deed and even more to know what I can do should I ever find one of these dear little friends in such a deadly predicament.

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  5. Jacquie Schmidt

    With all the animal torturers out there, it is so refreshing to hear of someone who does a good deed for an animal. Thank you so much, mister. You are a hero!

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  6. Shasha

    Put furnace pipe covers over the metal there so it doesn’t happen again. Put a heated birdbath close so they want to go there instead also. Birds can drown in large water containers. Thank you for saving the bird!

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  7. Denise

    What a great video! Thank you to the man who saved this poor bird! I learned something new myself today!

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  8. cindi scholefield

    What a kind, thoughtful man. Blessings to him.

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  9. ann garner

    Thank you, gentleman. This brought a happy smile to my face. Thank God for kind people.

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  10. April M

    Thank you kind Sir for helping this little birdie get free of the metal pipe and not freeze to death or lose it’s little feet by frostbite!

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  11. Kylie T

    A beautiful story and thanks to the man who helped.

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  12. Mary


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  13. Czerny

    Wonderful man. Renews one’s hope in humanity.

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  14. Teri J Wilson

    Wonderful man, to save this poor bird from freezing to death! Bravo!

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  15. Adrian Appley

    What a great compassionate lad.

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  16. mari smet (@greentimes999)

    Wonderful — it took no more than 5 mins — a little knowledge, of course, helped — (1) Holding bird gently (2) breathing on the little skinny legs until bird feels all is ok and flies off. — Very good.

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