A woman heard tiny cries when she took her dog outside to go to the bathroom and discovered a litter of puppies. The tiny pups had been abandoned by a backyard breeder and were just a few hours old.

When an independent animal rescuer named Clanay learned about the litter of puppies on Facebook, she offered to help in any way possible – she was even willing to provide a foster home.

Lucky was the smallest and weakest of the litter. The moment Clanay laid eyes on him, she didn’t think he was going to survive. Despite the grim outlook on Lucky’s future, he outlived the rest of the litter, who unfortunately didn’t pull through. Clanay wanted to give him a chance at life and wasn’t ready to give up on him.

Lucky also wasn’t ready to quit! Although he had difficulty latching onto a bottle, he was able to take little droplets of milk from a syringe. That’s when his will to live became evident to Clanay, who committed to doing whatever it took to save him.

After one week, Clanay felt more optimistic about Lucky’s chances of survival. Two weeks after arriving at her home, the tough little pup started to walk and opened his eyes. Around the same time, Clanay found out that Lucky is blind. At four months old, one of his eyes was removed. Lucky is also an albino and requires the care of a specialist. He must also wear goggles and sunblock to protect his delicate skin.

Despite the challenges Lucky faced, he continued to fight – he also continued to grow. Soon, he’ll turn two years old, and he’s happier and more lovable than ever. Even when he’s sick or recovering from surgery, Lucky’s tail never stops wagging!

Like the many special-needs dogs out there who thrive under the care of dedicated rescuers and owners, Lucky is a fearless survivor who can handle anything!