Ruby, a 90-pound Great Pyrenees puppy, had a terrifying start to the new year after becoming trapped in a storm drain 50 feet underground in Tulsa, Okla.

She wandered away from her guardian Susanne Thompson’s backyard through an open pipe. Thompson called for help, and once the firefighters determined Ruby’s whereabouts, they started digging by hand to find the storm drain. Soon, city employees with access to nearby equipment stepped in to help.

After digging for hours, they opened the pipe and freed her. She crawled straight into Thompson’s grateful arms. Luckily, despite a few scratches, Ruby appears to be okay.

The open pipe in Thompson’s backyard is a problem she says she has tried addressing with the city for years. Hopefully, Ruby’s experience inspires a sense of urgency among city officials to ensure these dangerous openings are covered.

Thank you to the dedicated heroes who worked together to save this scared pup’s life and reunite her with her loving family!