This beautiful elephant, Pang Fai, knew nothing but captivity for most of her life. Over the span of about 30 years, she wasn’t even able to freely interact with another elephant. One woman, named Katherine, convinced Pang Fai’s owner to release her into the care of her sanctuary, where she can have a much higher quality of life.

Katherine feared that Pang Fai’s owner would continue to use her for logging – a common practice in Thailand that dooms elephants to a life in chains and hooks. Pang Fai was in poor health and in desperate need of Katherine’s help. Because of a split toe, an infection in Pang Fai’s foot could have spread throughout her entire body. Ultimately, she could have died.

Katherine has the resources to restore Pang Fai’s health, but her owner was reluctant to give her up. His intentions were good – he loved Pang Fai and had grown attached to her. But the simple truth was that he couldn’t properly care for her.

Because Pang Fai’s owner truly wanted the best for the elephant, he released her into the care of Katherine’s sanctuary. Watch as Pang Fai’s chain is removed from her foot and she takes her first steps toward her new life of freedom!