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An unlikely friendship between a rescued deer and a stray cat is going viral on social media, garnering over four million views since it appeared online last March.

Tik Tok user, cortblair07, rescued Dottie the deer as a fawn in late 2019. Then, a stray cat — now named O’Malley — curiously approached Dottie on the family’s porch.

It took some time for the pair to get used to each other, but they soon became best friends and O’Malley started visiting daily.

Dottie’s caretakers started posting images of the duo on Instagram, where fans can keep up with how everyone is doing.

According to Dottie’s social media profiles, she has been released back into the wild. But it’s clear from the photos and videos that she still frequents her rescue home, stopping by to greet O’Malley and her other animal friends.

Friendships like this remind us to always treat one another, regardless of our species, with compassion and kindness.