Romee, a 7-month-old lab-shepherd mix, now is on a journey to becoming a therapy dog for children’s hospital burn unit victims after having suffered and survived severe burns himself.

Last year, the pup arrived at Cincinnati’s Anderson Hills Animal Care Hospital in September, with numerous and serious burns. The county dog warden launched an investigation, which revealed Romee likely had been burned and then left without veterinary care for at least five days.

The Hamilton County Dog Warden was contacted and launched an investigation. The warden now believes that after Romee was somehow burned, his former owner let him suffer without vet care for at least five days.

“I have seen the photos from September, when he first got in, and they are pretty shocking,” the warden told Fox19 NOW. “Looks like this was some kind of burn, most likely maybe boiling water or oil, very well could’ve been accidental, but then when you’re not seeking vet care, that’s when it becomes neglect.”

Romee’s former “guardian” was convicted of animal cruelty and sentenced to three years’ probation for leaving Romee to suffer for days without proper veterinarian care. The pup is still recovering, and will sadly remain blind in one eye due to his injuries.

But Romee is a sweet dog, despite all the hardships he has endured — including over 50 medical procedures. Ray Anderson, of Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society, told FOX19 that Romee clearly is a survivor, who he hopes will bring comfort and courage to the children also suffering from burns.

“Since he’s obviously been in the burn unit himself, I think kids will get really excited when they’re going through something really tough,” Hamilton County Dog Warden Captain Brandon Corcoran told WKRC.

A loving family has adopted Romee, and he will begin his therapy training after he undergoes a few more medical procedures.