When PETA fieldworkers first discovered Murphy, he wasn’t even identifiable as a dog, but appeared as a small, matted ball of hair cowering in a wire crate inside a dark hallway.

The fieldworkers convinced Murphy’s owner to give him up and immediately sought medical care for the badly neglected dog. Over 2 pounds of tangled, waste-caked hair was removed from Murphy’s 7-pound frame.

Vets provided Murphy with the proper care he needed and removed the painful knots from his coat, giving him a new lease on life and turning him into the energetic, spunky dog he should always have been. His personality really came to life!

After Murphy made a full recovery, the fieldworkers took him to the Norfolk SPCA where he met his forever family. Murphy loves cuddling in their arms, wagging his tail and giving kisses.

Watch this video to see Murphy’s amazing transformation.