Cheeto the dog had a jar stuck on his head for three weeks before rescuers finally caught him. The heroic workers can be seen trying to remove the jar from his head in this suspenseful but touching video. When they couldn’t cut the jar off themselves, the rescuers took Cheeto to the vet, where he was finally freed.

If Cheeto’s head had been stuck in the jar much longer, he likely would’ve suffocated to death. Thanks to the tireless efforts of his rescue team, he’s expected to make a full recovery.

Much to the surprise of the crew who saved Cheeto, he’d had his three puppies alongside him the entire time the jar was stuck on his head. In keeping with the theme of snack foods, the rescuers named his pups Oreo, Pringle, and Dorito.

The three puppies quickly found forever homes with loving families. Meanwhile, Cheeto received gifts from fans all over the world while he waited for his own new home. He didn’t have to wait long – one family took him home overnight to think about adopting him, and the next morning they couldn’t let him go. Cheeto became a permanent member of their household!

Thanks to the efforts of animal rescue workers and of loving families willing to provide forever homes, dogs like Cheeto and his puppies are given the opportunity to lead the happy lives they deserve.