During one of their regular visits to check on the welfare of animals, PETA fieldworkers discovered Keane. Owned by a breeder in a North Carolina trailer park, Keane had spent his entire life chained up and ignored.

Keane had a severe case of a skin disease called mange. typically the result of poor nutrition and stress. The skin turns bright red and becomes covered in painful scabs and sores. Twice during their visits, the fieldworkers provided treatment for Keane’s mange.

Eventually, Keane’s owner surrendered him so he’d have a better chance of survival. Under the care of his rescuers, Keane was given medication several times daily, regularly bathed and fed, and provided the affection he so desperately needed.

Keane’s hair grew back, his color returned to normal, and he gained a zest for life. The sweet dog has now been taken to his forever home – a precious moment that was caught on film. His loving family will keep him indoors and provide him with the much-needed love and care he’s never had.