Buster the dog spent the entire first year of his life outside and alone. He suffered from a painful wound caused by the chain that had become embedded in his neck, and had bald patches on his skin from an untreated health condition.

Luckily, Buster was discovered by PETA fieldworkers, who convinced his owner to surrender him. While he recovered, a search for his forever home began.

When Virginia couple Nile and Doris Gomez read about Buster’s plight in their local newspaper, they felt compelled to provide him with the love and security he’d never had.

Buster turned out to be a perfect fit for the couple, who are eager to make him part of their family and shower him with affection — and to make sure that Buster will never be chained outdoors again.

Watch this video to experience Buster’s touching first moments with his new family!