S’mores was just 6 weeks old when someone accidentally dropped a cat carrier on her head, nearly killing her. After the accident, she could not move, and suffered serious brain damage. For three months, the poor kitten could do nothing but lie there, unresponsive, with a feeding tube.

But rescuers refused to give up on S’mores, and continued to give her the care she needed until she could finally walk and eat on her own again.

S’mores is now two years old, but is only the size of an 8-week-old kitten. This is as big as she will ever get, due to the accident.

Lucky S’mores has been adopted by one of the founders of Odd Cat Sanctuary, who loves and her just the way she is. She may be small, but S’mores is able to play and enjoy life as much as any other cat.

Plus, this tiny cat has the sweetest meow you may have ever heard.