Roux the cat was born with only two fully-formed legs. Although her hind legs developed normally in the womb, Roux’s front legs are “nubs” whose development was halted by a genetic defect. Her first owners gave her up when they realized she was unable to bury her waste in her litter box. Fortunately, vet clinic worker Jackie Deak Akey fell in love with Roux, and adopted her the moment she saw her!

Roux, who is healthy aside from her congenital defects, has adapted to her unique condition and engages in the same daily activities as any other cat. Her owner affectionately refers to her as a “bunny-cat” because of the way she hops in place of walking. Her legs get quite the workout each day, as she is able to run fast and even jump up onto furniture. She also has a bunny “cousin” named Kangaroo!

Although vets believe Roux’s condition is painless, she will need regular check-ups on her back and legs when she grows older. For now, however, the playful kitty can focus on having fun!