Joe and Lauren DiPaolo already had their hands full with five special needs cats when they learned about Yo-Yo, a blind kitten at a nearby shelter who was listed online as “to be destroyed.”

Yo-Yo was scheduled to be euthanized at eight o’clock in the morning, prompting Joe to get up early and head straight to the shelter in an attempt to spare the kitten’s life. Luckily, Yo-Yo had not been euthanized.

Joe has always felt a connection with special needs people and animals. At the age of four, a contaminated blood transfusion caused him to become HIV positive. Due to the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS, Joe faced a backlash from his community when he opened up about his condition, including protests to prevent him from attending public school.

The DiPaolos originally planned to foster Yo-Yo, but they realized he belongs with them and gave him a forever home. Yo-Yo, along with the rest of Joe and Lauren’s cats, prove that special needs pets can be some of the best companions.

Watch this video to enjoy the celebration of Yo-Yo’s one year adoption anniversary, complete with a cake made out of cat food!