Meet Hope and Love, two sister cows who have finally been reunited after months apart.

The sisters spent the first eight months of their lives together, during which time Love acted as a “seeing eye” for Hope, who’s blind.

They were born at a factory dairy farm. Hope was purchased by a family that planned to raise and breed her, but when they realized she was blind, they also bought Love. During that time together, the two formed an inseparable bond.

Because the family had never intended to buy two calves, blind Hope was eventually relocated to Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Temecula, California. Hope quickly made new friends at the refuge, who patiently helped her adjust to her fantastic new life.

When the kind rescuers at Sale Ranch learned that circumstances had changed for Love’s owners, they convinced the family to relinquish her. Eager to accommodate Hope’s sister, they hit the road to go pick her up.

Once again, Love became Hope’s eyes, and the sisters will never be separated again. Watch this video for a front-row seat to their heartwarming reunion!