An incredible video from the Wild and Street Animal Rescue Society has been released showing one of its volunteers bravely rescuing a 6-foot rock python from the water of a 20-foot well in Udaipur, India.

The video shows a group of rescue team members lowering a stick on a rope down the steep walls of the well, hoping the python will wrap itself around it so the volunteers can pull the snake up to safety.

But when this plan doesn’t work, Govind Solanki decides to go down himself and save the day. With a rope tied around his stomach, he precariously descends the walls of the pit towards the stranded reptile floating in the murky water.

When he is near the bottom, the rescuer reaches for the python and manages to get hold of the snake. The python coils around Solanki’s arm as the volunteer scrambles out of the water hole and onto the safety of the ground above.

After the snake was stuck down the well for at least two days, the story finally had a happy ending for the python, who was later released back into the wild.