Recently, Lady Freethinker reported about the atrocities occurring in Agadir, Morocco, where street dogs are being rounded up by sanitation officials and thrown into pounds without access to food or water. Out of desperation, the imprisoned dogs resort to eating one another to stay alive.

Unfortunately, the horrible situation these dogs face is not getting better.

Video footage, filmed by animal welfare activists Lucy Austin and Fanny Belle, shows visibly malnourished dogs ripping apart the corpses of their starved-to-death counterparts.

Additional footage, published by Morocco Animal Aid (MAA), reveals injured, famished dogs with bones almost protruding from their skin after being denied life’s basic necessities.

Volunteers from MMA have attempted to bring food and water to these desperate dogs, but officials repeatedly block their access to the pounds, according to MAA. This has, allegedly, been happening for months.

“International news, but still no change for these dogs,” posts MMA on Facebook. “They continue to kill and eat each other. The city piles them up in this death camp, and still, their plight continues to be ignored. They die every day, and still, no one with power stands for them. What will it take? We are desperate. Please, help us stop this. Share their story. Raise the flag for them.”

Without a humane solution to the stray dog population, these innocent animals will continue to suffer and die. The Moroccan government must be stopped from perpetuating this barbaric behavior before more precious lives are lost.

Please, sign the petition below to urge the Moroccan ambassador to the United States to call for her government to immediately end this cruelty. The time to act is now.

SIGN: Justice for Dogs So Desperate, They Are Eating Each Other to Stay Alive