This little goat, Miracle, was born without front legs, but she doesn’t let that stop her from loving life!

Sarah, the woman who took Miracle in, runs a non-profit wildlife rescue. One day, a farmer came to her house for help – while Miracle was being born, something went wrong, causing her to lose both her front legs.

At first, Sarah wasn’t sure if Miracle was going to survive, but she quickly sprang to life and was named accordingly. Within a week of being born, she was zooming around in her own custom-built wheelchair.

When Miracle grew up, she was fitted with a pair of prosthetic limbs.

Miracle has found a way to “give back,” and participates in animal therapy programs for disabled adults and children.

Her inspirational journey reminds us that when things seem less than ideal or even bad, life is a gift and worth living to the fullest.