Jon Stewart, former host of the “Daily Show”, and his animal activist wife Tracey have adopted two wayward goats discovered roaming around in New York this week.

The goats were wandering along the N train tracks in Brooklyn, where the NYPD Emergency Services unit shot them with tranquilizer darts in order to move them to safety. Authorities aren’t sure where the two goats came from, but suggest they may have been destined for slaughter at a local meat market.

Now, these two lucky animals are destined for a very different future. Jon Stewart and the team from Farm Sanctuary fetched the animals from local Animal Care and Control and took them to their refuge in Watkins Glen.

Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey have long been supporters of Farm Sanctuary, an organization that rescues farm animals and provides them with lifelong care in a safe environment. Tracey is a member of the board, and in 2015, the animal-loving couple opened a fourth Farm Sanctuary rescue center – named Bufflehead Farm – at their 12-acre farm in Middletown New Jersey.

In 2017, they secured a further 45 acres, which will become a refuge for animals rescued from slaughterhouses, live markets, and roadsides, as well as acting as an educational center. Along with this, they plan to dedicated 15 acres to growing sustainable crops.