These five fox cubs in Mahtomedi, Minnesota don’t seem to mind a little bit of snow in April!

Resident Sonja Thorson first noticed the foxes last year, when they built a den under her deck.

The adventurous foxes are growing fast and exploring more every day, according to Thorson, who captured this adorable footage of the playful siblings frolicking and chasing each other during the spring snowfall.

It’s common for foxes to live near humans, where it’s easy to scavenge for food. They typically don’t pose a threat to people but prefer to be left alone. It’s best to admire foxes, and most wildlife, from a distance.

If a fox takes up residence on your property and is too close for comfort, refer to trustworthy sources, such as your local wildlife authority, for advice about how to safely and humanely encourage them to move elsewhere.