A baby elephant who was swept away during a flash flood earlier this week in Kerala, India is safe and sound, thanks to diligent bystanders and a dedicated rescue staff. When residents noticed the calf floating helplessly downstream, they called on forestry officials for help.

Brought to shore using ropes, the one-month old is lucky to be alive.

“The baby elephant drifted about one kilometer downstream before [he] somehow managed to reach near the the banks of the river,” an official from Kalikavu Forest Range told The News Minute.

The visibly terrified and distressed baby was placed into a vehicle and transported to a forest, where elephants are known to frequent.

Thankfully, the elephant seemed uninjured and returned to his natural habitat. Forestry staff were, however, unable to fully examine the calf because he kept trying to jump out of the vehicle.

Lady Freethinker applauds the quick-thinking locals who sought help for the calf, and the officials who sprang into action to guide him to safety.