An adorable sloth is now back in the wild forest where he belongs, thanks to the animal welfare group Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica.

Oro the sloth was rescued in February 2016 after he was found lying on the ground in a forest at the bottom of a tree. When he was taken to the Toucan Rescue Ranch’s clinic, the veterinarians found that he was paralyzed and suffering from pinched nerves.

It was uncertain if Oro would be able to live a fulfilling life, as this condition could render him immobile. After much consideration his carers decided that there was still hope; Oro’s rehabilitation journey would not be easy, but everyone believed it was possible.

With medication, daily physical therapy and a healthy diet, he began to regain strength and, much to everyone’s delight, Oro eventually began to use all four of his limbs. His caretakers then decided to send Oro out to a controlled release site to see how he would fare.

Oro adapted very slowly, but finally the vets decided he was ready to go back to the forest.

Oro’s release was an emotional moment for everyone at rescue center, but now, after three long years of rehab and recovery, he is finally back in the forest where he belongs!