Recently-released footage from an undercover Animal Outlook investigation reveals disturbing dairy farm abuse. Factory farm workers lift and drag injured cows by tractors, kicking and shocking the animals.

Allegedly, employees also use high-pressure hoses to spray cows in the face, cows already too weak to walk on their own. They supposedly drag the ailing creatures with a tractor and metal hip clamp. One cow was said to have been suspended 20 feet in the air before being yanked across a cement floor.

Sick and dying, these cows receive no medical care or basic nourishment. Their basic living conditions are abysmal,  surrounded by feces and covered in flies.

Investigator Erin Wing witnessed and filmed the unspeakable cruelty at the Southern California factory farm, Dick Van Dam Dairy, which supplies TruMoo, a brand of milk for school lunches.

Animal Outlook workers followed truckloads of “spent” cows to a stockyard. And later, they documented separate trucks traveling to American Beef Packers (ABP), a company that sells food products to the National School Lunch Program.

These horribly abused cows may be served to children in schools.

After reviewing the case, the Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit against the factory farm as well as the suspects of animal cruelty.

Wing, who since retired from undercover work, managed to rescue one tortured calf, Samuel. He is now in a loving home at the California sanctuary, Animal Place. He will never again have to endure the pain and trauma of life on a factory farm.