When a puppy mill owner brought a dog with no name into a veterinary office in Ohio to be euthanized, the ailing pup instead landed in the hands of guardian angels. Used for breeding, she had an infection on her leg that had been left to fester.

Vets convinced the puppy mill owner to surrender the nameless dog. Although the infection required the amputation of her leg, the sweet girl’s rescuers saved her life.

After the surgery, she was taken in by Debbie and Jay Zwitzer, who own and run New2U Rescue in Rochester, NY. The Zwitzers took to Facebook for help naming the dog. They ultimately settled on “Hope,” an appropriate name for their outlook on her future.

Because of the trauma she’d endured, Hope didn’t warm up to her foster parents or their other dogs quickly. Slowly, however, she’s becoming more comfortable with going outside, playing with other dogs, and interacting with the Zwitzers.

The Zwitzers hope to find the right forever home for Hope. Their ultimate goal is to find a family that has as much hope for her future as they do!