VIDEO: 3-Legged Dog Used for Breeding at Cruel Puppy Mill Finally Has a Name

When a puppy mill owner brought a dog with no name into a veterinary office in Ohio to be euthanized, the ailing pup instead landed in the hands of guardian angels. Used for breeding, she had an infection on her leg that had been left to fester.

Vets convinced the puppy mill owner to surrender the nameless dog. Although the infection required the amputation of her leg, the sweet girl’s rescuers saved her life.

After the surgery, she was taken in by Debbie and Jay Zwitzer, who own and run New2U Rescue in Rochester, NY. The Zwitzers took to Facebook for help naming the dog. They ultimately settled on “Hope,” an appropriate name for their outlook on her future.

Because of the trauma she’d endured, Hope didn’t warm up to her foster parents or their other dogs quickly. Slowly, however, she’s becoming more comfortable with going outside, playing with other dogs, and interacting with the Zwitzers.

The Zwitzers hope to find the right forever home for Hope. Their ultimate goal is to find a family that has as much hope for her future as they do!


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  1. Shasha

    Ozone can be done on people/pets and Vit C IV which may save the leg. Vet need to learn natural help for pets since they leg could have been saved maybe. Antibiotics lower the immune system/lower Mg/hurt the gut lining/hurt mitochondria/wipe out good bacteria in the large intestines/resistance can happen to them.

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  2. Dee Olson

    I loved reading this for the reason of….What a wonderful and kind vet to care about the dog and save its life rather than just taking some money and euthanize it. and thank goodness for people like the Zwitzers to help these animals adapt and show them that not all humans are heartless and that there is love in this world….

    I am sure Hope will find a loving home she is just beautiful here eyes still show some sadness but I am sure that will go with time…. my girl is turning 15 in April (staffy) and has been fighting cancer for the last 5- 6 years… I am so grateful for her love and I know she fights on because of the love we show her… she now has trouble seeing in the dark, her hearing is gone and she has a few lumps here and there, but like you would with an older family member you make adjustments to your home and to your life to accommodate those changes to make there life easier…. I have gone into dept many times to pay off operations when she was first diagnosed, now we just hold that cancer at bay and ensure the years we have left with her are still happy ones.

    In return I get to see her turn back time on occasions and play like a pup her love for me is still unconditional she is always by my side and because she can no longer hear she will lean against me to say I am here by your side. I am so blessed to still have her love.

    I hope that Hope is able to find a home that will show her lots of love and will look after her even into her senior years when age starts to takes its toll…. I look forward to reading some good news about her with her new family soon.

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  3. Leanne

    Thanku to the vet who saved her life and thanku to the Zwitzers who are fostering her. I think Hope os an appropriate name for her. πŸΆπŸ•πŸ©πŸΎ

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  4. Rhondda

    Thank you for saving this beautiful dog with the very sad eyes. I pray that she finds her forever home very soon and learns to trust .

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  5. Emily Boliver

    Be it well known. Any body who helps one of God’s children, be it man or animal, there is a special place in heaven for them. May all of you have a blessed day.

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  6. Rhondda

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story of your girl that’s had a lot happen in her life. Dee you are a true animal lover to help your dog when it got sick instead of doing what a lot of people would do and put it down. Your dog truly loves you and shows it daily. I pray that she enjoys life with you for a few more years and doesn’t suffer any pain.

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    wonderful people who saved this sweet dog.

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  8. Debra Broach

    Oh, I hope that sweet baby get a good home and lots of tender loving care that she deserves. It’s a shame animals are used for breeding and then when they are no longer useful to their owners, they are disgarded. I want something to be done about that puppy mill that the person who brought her in, is running. People are abusing animals left and right and these puppy mills are just breeding more and more to suffer these horrendous fates over and over again. It hurts my heart that these animals have to suffer at the hands of humans who only want to make a profit rather than do what is right for the animals who don’t have a say so in the matter. Please stop breeding animals and let the ones that are here get homes and have a chance at a good life.

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  9. Robyn Knorr

    Her beautiful but very sad face made me cry. Thank God she is safe in the arms of people who care.

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  10. Anya

    I love you Hope ! Hope you find a good home soon. With lots of Love !

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  11. christine criscione

    special people called angels thank you what a kind dog how could anyone treat her so badly. Thank you again may you get many blessings.xx

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  12. pauline bartel

    Poor Baby, please do not buy puppies from mills !!!!Thank you for giveing her a chance in life.

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  13. cindi scholefield

    Hoping for the best home for Hope. What a beautiful girl. Wish that puppymill owner could be charged with something – anything. Put him out of business.

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  14. Lynn

    Hope, you’re beautiful. A furever home with lots of love & kindness will come for you. πŸ•πŸ’•πŸΎ Close ALL puppy farms, they are hell on earth for little innocents!!! 😬😬😬😬

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  15. bev

    I’m so glad this dog was saved! What bastards the puppy mill owners are. Again, the almighty dollar rules and due to poor oversight by gov’t agencies that should be policing these sites, they aren’t found out until someone finally reports them. Never buy an animal where the owner/breeder doesn’t want you to come to their facility to see how their dogs/cats, etc are living. Don’t buy from pet stores either, b/c their supply chain is the puppy mills.

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  16. Deb

    The Galarneau family

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  17. Gayle Shumate

    Won’t be long & you’ll see a smile on Hope’s face. I’ve taken in Mastiffs that have been kenneled their entire lives. They were scared to be in the house & scared to be touched & scared of a great big yard around them instead of a cage. One dog in particular walked into the back field with me & she’d just stop & look, she just couldn’t believe the world was that big. They watched us interact with the rest of the animals & they slowly started to trust us & the day came that they decided they were fine here. You could see the light in their eyes & the peace in their hearts & the smiles on their faces. Dogs have an amazing ability to overcome their difficult beginnings. Thanks to the guardian angels that saved Hope & took her in to teach her love. You’re awesome.

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  18. Kylie T

    Thank you to those who helped and wishing Hope all the best.

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    I think the puppy mill owner should be euthanized! Thank you for saving this precious soul.

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  20. Freda

    All other states should follow California’s lead and put the puppy mills out of business. In Calif. all dogs sold in pet stores are from shelters, this is a great idea , and look at all of the shelter animals that would be saved if it was done in all of the U.S.. And who cares if the dog is a purebred or not, that really only matters if it’s a show dog. I’ve had both and it really didn’t make any difference, I loved them both the same. Owning a pet is a privilege not an entitlement, they have feelings and can be hurt just like a human. The one difference between animals and humans is that they are a lot more forgiving than humans are, and that makes them special.

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  21. Anita Cleveland

    You are so right. These forgiving loving babies are treated so badly, but yet if u showed them remorse for whatever it was you did to them they would love you and forgive you at the stroke of a hand.

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  22. Rebecca

    Was the puppy mill investigated then shut down… to allow a wound to become so bad that it required an amputation is unacceptable… and knowing this if the mill is still open then the owners are not held accountable.

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  23. Jenn Armstrong

    Your are a bunch of selfish loser that you would breed this poor dog over and over again. Your extremely greedy and sick. You didn’t tend to her infection and now it cause Hope her leg. Than on top of that you want to end her life. I hope they close you down for good! You can abuse a dog over and over again and yet they come back to you looking for Love and acceptance. That’s the sad part about it when they have been abused. Get into the 21 century things are changing and places like these are getting shut down. No place for puppy mills!

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