Noel the dog’s life hung in the balance after she was hit by a car and suffered over a dozen breaks in her front legs. She was also going into shock.

Rescuers from Marley’s Mutts in Bakersfield, California were faced with a tough decision: have the pup euthanized or allow vets to amputate her two front legs. They weren’t ready to give up on her, so they opted for the latter, despite some veterinarians feeling reluctant to perform the procedure because they thought euthanasia was the best option. According to Zach Skow, founder of Marley’s Mutts, many thought euthanasia was the most humane choice for Noel.

But Noel pulled through miraculously – within a day following the procedure, she showed signs of survival. Since then, the precious canine has adapted to life with two legs – she can even climb stairs!

The vets who’d been hesitant to perform the procedure are now very glad about the decision to save Noel’s life, according to Skow. Now that she’s recovered, the pup will be getting a wheelchair to help maintain her mobility, and will be giving back to the community as a licensed therapy animal. Noel’s story is proof that an animal’s life is often worth trying to save even when doing so goes against the general consensus.