VIDEO: Noel the Yorkie May Have Lost Her Front Legs, But She Refuses to Slow Down

Noel the dog’s life hung in the balance after she was hit by a car and suffered over a dozen breaks in her front legs. She was also going into shock.

Rescuers from Marley’s Mutts in Bakersfield, California were faced with a tough decision: have the pup euthanized or allow vets to amputate her two front legs. They weren’t ready to give up on her, so they opted for the latter, despite some veterinarians feeling reluctant to perform the procedure because they thought euthanasia was the best option. According to Zach Skow, founder of Marley’s Mutts, many thought euthanasia was the most humane choice for Noel.

But Noel pulled through miraculously – within a day following the procedure, she showed signs of survival. Since then, the precious canine has adapted to life with two legs – she can even climb stairs!

The vets who’d been hesitant to perform the procedure are now very glad about the decision to save Noel’s life, according to Skow. Now that she’s recovered, the pup will be getting a wheelchair to help maintain her mobility, and will be giving back to the community as a licensed therapy animal. Noel’s story is proof that an animal’s life is often worth trying to save even when doing so goes against the general consensus.

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  1. Barbara Rowe. Please wake up before it's to late!!!

    How precious is that it just makes me cry!!!

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  2. Janice

    I am happy that they didn’t euthanize her but that was so sad to watch! I am still crying while I write this!

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  3. andywhiteman

    Glad they didn’t execute her. She is doing quite well!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Irene Hughes

    She’s a darling and a fighter you can tell, what a courageous little dog, but I think I would have to help her up the stairs, perhaps she wouldn’t let her owner help, I got sad seeing struggle up the stairs, lovely story of this amazing little yorkie go girl xxx

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  5. Jaime Lanndan

    I love this story, bless his heart and the people that saved him. A wonderful long, happy life to you Noel!

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  6. Eve Botelho

    Not sure why you wouldn’t carry this poor little dog up the stairs.

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  7. Hank Eberhardt

    The little Yorki that could, thats awesome!

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  8. Shasha

    I am glad they saved her life. Pets need a chance to be on this earth a long time. She is very cute! God bless her!

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  9. LaShell West

    Way to go Noel ! You have such a big heart and a lot of spunk ! You are going to be just fine, especially when you get your new wheels ! I hope you find a new loving home soon. And to those of you that find it “cruel” that she is coaxed up the stairs … it is good for her to strengthen her legs and her soul by doing so, it just goes to show that she has the heart it takes to overcome this injury !
    My love for you baby girl … oxo

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  10. Allan Booyjzsen

    Sometimes, it is not what is best for the animal, but how much can the owner/rescuer afford. A skin and bone Foxie cross, covered in ticks and fleas and had a rope around her neck that had to be cut off, was rescued by my nieces. They bathed her, dipped her and patiently took dead ticks off her. The next day, my wife and I took her to the AACL, where she was checked out by the veterinarian for any diseases, inoculated and given the all clear. Now all she needed was to get used to her five new doggie friends. Approximately 2 weeks later, she refused to eat, so the next morning we went back to the AACL. It was a Friday, and they don’t have a vet there on Fridays! The young lady at reception phoned the SPCA, and told them we were coming down. Willow, named by the girls, had biliary, and by then her gums were yellow. She was rushed from the consulting room for an immediate blood-transfusion and sedated. We had to put down a deposit of nearly half of our combined pensions. That was Friday. Monday we collected her and the love she showed us, plus the excitement when she saw her five friends again was fantastic. Was it worth it? Most definitely!

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  11. cindi scholefield

    Oh I love that baby. What a spirit she has. I think the world will be hearing more of her, like the famous dog ‘Faith’ who only had back legs to walk on, and with her human, travelled all over educating people about disabilities.

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    I always knew Yorkies had spunk, however this takes the biscuit!!

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  13. Amy Pruitt

    I’m happy she was saved and has recovered but she needs some wheels or prosthetics to help her get around. Seems a bit cruel forcing her to get around on just her hind legs, you’re wearing the poor sweetheart out. Find a way to help her get around better…PLEASE

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  14. Juliette Smith

    How sweet is she -go Noel!! 😀

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  15. Leanne

    What a beautiful and heartwarming story. I hope Noel is an inspiration to all who meet her. I think she will work out well as a therapy dog. Thank you to the vets who belived in chances of survival and having a good quality of life.????????????????

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  16. Kathy Kelly

    I was wondering if Noel had a family or is she up for adoption,because I would love to have her.

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  17. Jan

    Bless Noel, I think that she should be carried upstairs and not bribed or encouraged considering the damage that was done. She is using a huge amount of energy for a dog her size. The wheel chair will be a Blessing, God Bless the guardians.

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  18. Laurie L Steinwinder-King

    Please get her some wheels, and off slick floors – socks with treads maybe?

    I’m happy for her and there’s probably a semi wheelchair apparatus that will help her.

    Happy New Year !!!!

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  19. Carl Sarelius

    I like a good news story, particularly where animals are concerned, and this is one of them. It helps counter the brutality and depressive news that so often gets front page or headline reports in the media.

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