A few weeks ago, Lady Freethinker reported India finally has its very first elephant hospital. This wonderful medical center was established by the animal welfare group Wildlife SOS, a non-profit organization founded in 1995 that rescues wild animals throughout India.
Since 2008 the non-profit has already rescued a total of 26 elephants from heart-breaking conditions. These elephants are usually confiscated from cruel tourist attractions such as circuses, temples, riding camps, and private owners. Wildlife SOS currently runs two elephant sanctuaries in India: the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura, and the Elephant Rescue Centre in Yamunanagar.
An elephant is escorted into the Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital. Get involved at Lady Freethinker to save animals in need.

Luna arrives at the Wildlife SOS elephant hospital.

To best serve its patients, the hospital has wireless digital radiology, ultrasound, laser therapy, an in-house pathology lab, and a medical hoist for comfortably lifting disabled elephants and moving them around the treatment area. For regular check-ups as well as specialty treatments, there is also a jumbo-sized digital weight scale, laboratory testing capabilities, and a hydrotherapy pool. 

The Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital also has portable X-ray machines, ultrasound machines, and specialized foot-care tools. The hospital is even equipped with special areas with infrared cameras for veterinarians to observe elephant patients that need overnight care.


Elephant Holly is tended to by staff at Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital, the first hospital of its kind in India.

Holly gets medical treatment at the Wildlife SOS elephant hospital.

One of the hospital’s current patients is an adorable female elephant named Holly. She is a former street riding elephant who was confiscated from a private owner. Holly is completely blind in both eyes, and when she was rescued her body was covered with chronic untreated abscesses. She also has arthritis in her back legs due to malnutrition. 

Holly is finally getting the medical care that she needs at the hospital. The veterinary team is treating her arthritis with cold laser therapy, and she is also receiving therapeutic ultrasonography. The veterinarians tend to her abscessed wounds daily so they can heal completely. Holly is getting the proper nutrition with lots of fruits to eat, and her favorites are bananas and papayas!

Medical staff at Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital tend to Holly the Elephant. This is the first hospital of its kind in India.

Holly receives medical care at the wildlife SOS elephant hospital.

Another elephant who’s being treated at the hospital is a sweet rescue named Luna. She was also seized from a neglectful private owner who was using her as a street riding elephant. After being forced to walk on hot tarred roads for so many years, Luna developed several medical issues, including infected feet and swollen back legs.

After so many years of neglect, Luna also suffers from chronic ailments such as inflammation and arthritis due to malnutrition. When she first arrived at the hospital, she also had several untreated wounds on her body. Now, she gets regular treatments with special antibiotic ointments to prevent infection. 

It is so heartwarming to see these rescued elephants are in such caring hands at the Wildlife SOS elephant hospital. These precious animals have been through so much in their lives. Now, at this specialized medical center, they can finally receive the proper treatment and rehabilitation along with a lifetime of love and care.