US Government Denies Endangered Species Protection for 25 Imperiled Species

US Government Denies Endangered Species Protection for 25 Imperiled Species

The United States Fish & Wildlife Service has rejected petitions to list 25 different species for protection under the Endangered Species Act. 

Several of the species are threatened by climate change.

For example, Pacific walruses. These creatures can grow up to 12 feet long, weigh up to 2 tons, and live up to 40 years. They live in the Bering and Chukchi Seas near Alaska. Pacific Walruses spend their lives on  on sea ice, which is being lost at a steady rate— it is estimated that summer ice will be gone by 2030 and winter ice will be nearly half gone by 2050. This was reason enough to list polar bears as a threatened species in 2008.

Or consider the Bicknell’s thrush. It’s a migratory songbird that spends summers in the Northeast United States and Southeastern Canada. Weather patterns are impacting its breeding and wintering range, while deforestation in Haiti and the Dominican Republic is putting their winter homes at risk. Its population is among the smallest of all passerine bird species in the U.S. and Canada.

Other species that have been denied coverage are threatened because of development and unimpeded growth of industry.

The Oregon Cascades-California and Black Hills populations of the black-backed woodpecker are keystone species, meaning other plants and animals in their ecosystem are heavily dependent on them. These woodpeckers need severely burned mature conifer forest— they build nests in burnt trees and then these shelters are reused by other species. But human logging and fire suppression activities are throwing the natural cycle of the forest out of whack. The Oregon Cascades-California and Black Hills populations of the woodpecker are isolated and small, and logging and fire suppression activities pose a serious threat to their future.

The Midwest United States is the only place in the world that the Kirtland’s snake lives. They prefer being underground and like wet prairies, meadows, muddy ponds, and creeks. Their favorite foods are earthworms and slugs. These snakes were once found across eight states in the Midwest, but because of habitat loss, their range has decreased by more than half and their population has declined severely.

The list of species recently denied protection by USFWS is diverse. And biodiversity is just what is at risk when we neglect to take serious pause and consideration regarding the health of other nonhuman animals, their habitats, and the effect of human activity on their lives.

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  1. Mary Watson

    This sad and devastating news does not come as a suprise considering the state of our goverment and those who are in control of it.
    We all must continue to speak out in whatever ways we can, and God willing these endangered animals will still be here when we get a environmentally and wildlife friendly president in the whitehouse.

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  2. Leanne

    All countried not just the U.S. need to smarten up and continue to protect their wildife. Otherwise these animals will not be around for future generations to enjoy.

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  3. MS

    Horrible and shameful that our Government neglects our wild animals and our natural world — WHAT IS GOVERNMENT FOR IF NOT FOR THIS!

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  4. Vickie Barron

    This really needs to stop animals have more right than people let them live

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  5. Tisa

    There are too many evil people all over the earth. I keep wondering if there is any country that cares about the lives of animals and people too. We keep hearing horror stories and we sign petitions and make our comments, but the cruel actions of these disgusting people keep happening and even seem to intensify. I long for the day when they each get what they deserve.

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  6. juliette

    No regard, respect or compassion -perhaps it is we humans that should not be on the species protection list

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  7. Nelson Petrie

    Those who have been elected to run the government should also remember that it is their bounden duty to look after the voiceless citizens of their nation. These beautiful creatures are not vote givers nor do they make profit in any way for Trump and his bunch of anti-wildlife cabinet members. It is in fact the duty of Trump and his team to ensure the protection of wildlife and its species. But if they have no love for wildlife or any domestic animals I would say it is a very sad period in the history of the United States. But it is the people who have elected them and I suppose these people also have no love for animals or any form of wildlife. It is time all sensitive and sensible Americans resist the damage which Trump is doing to our wildlife.

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    • Colleen Coleman

      I couldn’t agree more, it is up to decent and kind people to speak for them because Trump and and his administration don’t care about protecting our wildlife or planet so it is up to us. We can’t stop fighting for them

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  8. Suzanne spittal

    The abuse of innocent animals must come to an end. I believed the new President of the United States was a caring man, please do not let me down President Donald Trump. Thank you.

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    • Lance Kammerud

      Wow!!! U must either be in denial or clueless about this poor excuse of a human. Trump is about as anti-animal as a person can be. His sons are very well known big animal trophy hunters who pay $50 to a $100 thousand each time to hunt and kill lions, giraffes and other big game animals in Africa.

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  9. Ellen

    Trumps out as far as I’m concerned an anyone of the same mindset!

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  10. cindi scholefield

    Every day this man takes another step to destroy protection for the planet, for women, for all minorities, and for animals, in whom he is only interested so as to hunt them. The USA is crumbling under his “tender care”.

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  11. Kathryn A Baker

    Our government with the current pathetic POTUS and cabinet is on the way to hell in a handcart. IMPEACH.

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  12. David Love

    Believe me, there are acres of dead/burned trees in the Black Hills so I don’t know what you are suggesting in regards the woodpecker. More imminent is the eradication of the mountain lion which is being decimated thanks to S.D. Game, Fish and Parks, mainly to placate ranchers and so-called sport hunters.

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  13. rob rondanini

    please reverse this terrible stance! save these rare species!

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  14. Thomas

    The problem is that you can’t believe the lying Democrats on issues like these. They make up their own statistics to panic everyone into supporting them. There are more polar bears now than there ever before but the Libs have people believing that they’re on the verge of extinction. Never believe a Lefty, they always have a hidden agenda and anything they support is always bad for freedom and bad for the country.

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  15. Pat Padilla

    Trump is a very dangerous and dishonest man. My father did business with him in the 90s. He was a dishonest man then and a womanizer then. He always said bad things then and touched women . Now we are putting up with him destroying our country.,!!!

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  16. Ellen McConnell

    Despicable! Administration does nothing for animals rights, climate change & women’s rights…

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    • Thomas

      As an animal lover, defender and protector, I’m appalled at all the seething hatred expressed for our President here in these comments. It makes me ashamed to be aligned with these people in a common cause. But it also makes me understand their mindset a bit more as I would surmise that these hateful people are the same crowd that supports or gives tacit approval to the live butchering of innocent human babies. God help us.

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  17. Patty A Hicks

    This is a disgrace. Very unhappy with this decision. We are destroying our planet, and all earthlings are suffering for it. I do not believe our government has our best interest at heart. We want the earth, and all earthlings to survive and thrive.

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